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CloudGavel Expands Its Reach to Ohio, Welcoming Guernsey County as Inaugural Client

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Baton Rouge, LA, 2/22/24] CloudGavel, the nation’s leading provider of cloud-based electronic warrants, is excited to announce its expansion into Ohio, with Guernsey County as it...

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eWarrants Among Recommendations to Improve DUI/DWI Enforcement

On December 13, 2022, the National Transportation Safety Board released a new study on crash risks associated with driver impairment related to the use of drugs and alcohol. This study was conducted by looking ...

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Traffic Warrants and “Hot Pursuit”

An interesting case made its way through the New Jersey Supreme Court this summer and it is starting to get some national attention due to a few of the implications that have come from the decision. The case is...

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WDSU talks CloudGavel

New Electronic Warrant Program
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CloudGavel is helping NOPD become much more efficient.

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DUI Search Warrants

DUI  Search Warrants: Implied Consent and a DUI Blood Draw Over the last few years, the Supreme Court of the United States has heard several cases pertaining to DUI blood draws and implied consent laws. Two cas...

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Supreme Court questions breath tests without warrants

The U.S. Supreme Court has questioned the laws of 13 states that make it a crime for someone to refuse a breath or blood test by police without a warrant.  Under the Fourth Amendment, individuals are protected ...

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Cyber Security

Cyber crimes have expanded so rapidly that it’s almost become exhausting for law enforcement.  Gone are the days where career criminals needed to physically break into a property or “rob a bank” to steal your m...