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Leading The Way

CloudGavel Wins National Award!

CloudGavel selected as Innovation Award Honorable Mention. CloudGavel is the first Louisiana company to ever receive the award and it shines a huge spotlight on our state and the technological advances we are making.
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CloudGavel Welcomes North Carolina!

Durham Police Department Chooses CloudGavel

CloudGavel is launching a pilot program in North Carolina! The Durham City Police Department will become the first agency to go live with CloudGavel in North Carolina.
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Embrace It

CloudGavel success with NOPD

The New Orleans Police Department is rolling out CloudGavel department wide and is expected to save enormous time and money over previous process.
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World Class

WDSU talks CloudGavel

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What our clients are saying...
Ben Horwitz

“CloudGavel has decreased the time we spend on getting warrants signed and approved. We can now spend more time keeping our communities and citizens safe.”

Ben Horwitz, Director of Analytics - New Orleans Police Department
Lt. John Windham

``Cloud Gavel has really stream lined our warrant process. We now obtain warrants faster and more effectively. Cloud Gavel has not only improved our manpower efficiency, but it has enhanced our investigative abilities by helping us rapidly secure valueable evidence, information and dangerous felons. Futhermore, we are reducing our manhours on calls and increasing our savings on fuel cost each time we use Cloud Gavel.``

Lt. John Windham, CIB Admin - Baton Rouge Police Department
Sgt. Steven Nethken

“CloudGavel has tremendously increase our efficiency relative to how officers and investigators secure search and arrest warrants.``

Sgt. Steven Nethken, Detective - Gonzales Police Department

Our Company

CloudGavel is a CJIS compliant information technology solutions company dedicated to serving the law enforcement, state, and local government marketplace.  By leveraging our intellectual assets, business knowledge, and quality processes, we are committed to providing value through innovative solutions for our clients.  We strive to become the provider of choice for our clients and best workplace for our people.  We help organizations prepare for the future by improving business processes and designing effective information technology systems, which are key to improving service delivery to their citizens.

We Make You Better!

Our solutions focuses on automating manual processes. These manual processes not only lead to massive amounts of wasted man hours, but they also lend themselves to careless mistakes. CloudGavel encompasses technological precautions that eliminates the guess work by creating step-by-step protocols for users to follow.


Electronic Warrant Automation

Bringing Speed and Efficiency to the Warrant Issuance Process

Features and Benefits

  • Law enforcement officers can take action quickly when they have probable cause.
  • Automated process can be used on any web-enabled mobile device.
  • Reduces the possibility that the suspect will  be warned about the arrest warrant - enhancing the safety of the officer and the public.
  • Reduces overtime for officers and off-duty interruptions for judges.
  • Allows more time to apprehend and convict criminals and less time for processing paperwork.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on not only delivering a state-of-the-art solution, but also on listening to the feedback from our clients.


24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of professional are always available to service the needs of our clients.

Everyday Backups

Continuous backups ensure that client data is always protected.

Easy Start

Due to no software or hardware installations, new clients can be fully enrolled in no time.


Our solution has the ability to meet individual client workflow requirements by being customized to your processes.

The CloudGavel Guarantee

We will offer you the best solution at the best price and our support will be second to none.


24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated support team will be available at all times through multiple avenues. Clients can reach us by phone, in-app support chat, or email.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We don't believe in long term binding contracts. Our motto is that we want clients using our solution because it's the best, not because a contract is forcing them too.

99.9% Uptime

Multiple server redundancy allows our solution the advantage of multiple failover options. This allows us to deliver maximum uptime.

The CloudGavel Support

We are always available and ready to serve the needs of our clients.

(Toll Free)   1-866-297-5155

 (Local)        1-504-799-0357



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