Durham Police Department

CloudGavel goes live in North Carolina.

The Durham Police Department’s Investigative Services Bureau go live with CloudGavel becoming the first agency in North Carolina to embrace electronic warrants. With a successful deployment in Durham, Cl...


CloudGavel goes live in Michigan

Warren Police Department and Roseville Police Department begin using CloudGavel. These departments become the first agencies in Michigan to use electronic warrants and they are expecting to see huge benefits r...

Seventh District Video

WDSU talks CloudGavel

New Electronic Warrant Program

CloudGavel is helping NOPD become much more efficient.


DUI Search Warrants

DUI  Search Warrants: Implied Consent and a DUI Blood Draw Over the last few years, the Supreme Court of the United States has heard several cases pertaining to DUI blood draws and implied consent laws. Two cas...


ISP Data and Search Warrants

With the nearly universal use of Social Media across the United States, it is inevitable that during the course of criminal investigations, an investigator will need access to various social media or email acco...


Supreme Court questions breath tests without warrants

The U.S. Supreme Court has questioned the laws of 13 states that make it a crime for someone to refuse a breath or blood test by police without a warrant.  Under the Fourth Amendment, individuals are protected ...


Cyber Security

Cyber crimes have expanded so rapidly that it’s almost become exhausting for law enforcement.  Gone are the days where career criminals needed to physically break into a property or “rob a bank” to steal your m...