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Here are some of the common questions about CloudGavel

What is CloudGavel

A web-based electronic warrant system providing state and local jurisdictions the capability of electronically creating, digitally approving, serving, recording and tracking many types of warrants.

What is the process for gathering the electronic signatures?

CloudGavel uses encrypted block signatures with underlying watermark which can only be created by our system.  This gives extra protection of document authenticity.

Does the system have a backup in the event our officers are in an area that does not have internet connectivity?

No.  You must have an internet connection in order to access the CloudGavel system.

If there is a storm in the middle of processing a warrant and the electricity goes out, what happens to the information we entered?

There is an auto-save feature in CloudGavel that will save your data every 60 seconds as you are working on a warrant.  When power is restored, you can log back into CloudGavel and continue working from last auto-save point.

What happens if I lose the internet connection while typing?

The system will inform you that you lost connection and force you to log back in.  Your warrant will be saved up until the point you lost internet service.

Can CloudGavel still be used if you have a poor internet connection?

Yes.  However, it is recommended that you type your probable cause statement into Word or Notepad and then copy/paste it into CloudGavel.  This will prevent you from having to retype the statement in the case you lose connection while typing it into CloudGavel.

What happens if I can’t find a particular Charge/Code?

The Charge section is a free text section.  If the desired charge code and/or title do not appear, you can manually type in the charge/code.

What is the process for implementation?

When we have a signed contract, we will begin setting up the user groups and individual accounts.  Once we get the go ahead, we will then activate all the account and users can begin using CloudGavel.

How long does it take for the system to get up and running after signing up for CloudGavel?

Generally within 24 hours of getting signatures, the user accounts will be live and the system can be operational.  Training will be provided and training length depends on the user’s prior computer knowledge.

Why choose the cloud to host CloudGavel?

Cloud computing provides CloudGavel with four core components: Resiliency, Redundancy, Scalability and Elasticity. Embracing the cloud was mandatory as it provides our customers with access to CloudGavel without down time. When you need CloudGavel, the cloud makes sure it is there.

How does the cloud provide reduced down time as opposed to a server in a rack or on a shelf?

Let’s define the clouds benefit.

Resiliency: Our “Cloud” is comprised of multiple servers, that provide multiple exact copies of CloudGavel running at the same time in case one or more servers fail. Every button click, warrant and signature is copied to another server as you use CloudGavel. Copies of approved or archived warrants as well as the CloudGavel programs are placed and used from storage capacity not built into the traditional server.

Redundancy: In the event of a servers failure, another server running an exact duplicate of CloudGavel automatically and seamlessly begins supporting your request right in the middle of a warrant without interruption. In the event of that servers failure, yet another picks up where you left off. In the event of corruption, the cloud failover server just restarts the software. The programs and warrants are stored on disks not inside any server allowing failover servers access to the data. The data is replicated on other storage as well, so if one set of storage fails, another is already up and running. In short, everything is redundant, even the redundancy.

Scalability: Another benefit of cloud computing is the ability to add more capacity and performance when we need it at the click of a button. With traditional servers if things start to get slow and the need for speed arises, typically the server would have to be turned off while more processors are added or memory is increased and in most situations complete replace of the server which is costly and time consuming. The cloud gives CloudGavel all at the click of a button with immediate results.

Elasticity: A final advantage CloudGavel receives is dynamic operating conditions. We can predefine a set of performance parameters for CloudGavel that automatically adds performance and capacity the second it is necessary without any interaction from our staff. During times of little use CloudGavel can use a small number of processors and memory and as load increases, more is automatically added. The benefit to you, the same experience every time you use CloudGavel.

Can CloudGavel be installed locally instead of running in the Cloud environment?

Yes.  The client can install the CloudGavel application on a client’s local network very easily.  Our team will be available to help with any issues that may arise during the installation process.

How about connectivity? All of that redundancy is great, but if your connection to the internet fails, we can't use CloudGavel.

Currently three Internet connections from Level 3, Sprint and Time-Warner keep CloudGavel connected to the web. Connecting those connections are multiple routers and switches.

What about security? I'm told the cloud isn't safe.

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, security mechanisms that do packet inspection prevent service outages from drone computers. Then the intrusion defense system monitors all users for commonly used hack attempts, which are updated daily. Each users connection is scanned for viruses and CloudGavel itself is scanned. A final level defense is within our secure certificate. When you connect to CloudGavel our connection is swapped to secure as you will see in your browser with a lock appearing and the address bar changes color.  As you use CloudGavel, everything you see or type is encrypted from prying eyes on the Internet.

Can other servers not affiliated with CloudGavel, but hosted in the same cloud use or see my information?

The only way into a cloud server, much like a traditional server, is through its network connection. Principals used to protect a server in your own office are exactly the same used to prevent local access in the cloud. The use of system patching and security monitoring using server based firewalls and intrusion prevention are required and are routinely done. Cloud based servers also are not attached to the same domain and trust relationships are not established unless created by us in the same manner as in a traditional server environment. Currently, virtual network security exists in network layer 2 and soon will be implemented at higher levels and will include packet inspection.

Can CloudGavel’s owners, employees or affiliates gain access to my information through the use of backdoors or intentional access?

No.  Programmed access restrictions have been built into CloudGavel which prevents any unauthorized access to the data.  Passwords are encrypted in the database beyond our ability to see them.  The database and file system are also separated to the point that no one programming team can manipulate them.  CloudGavel has incorporates closely monitored transaction logs of all administrative actions taken inside of the system.

Are there any other applications for which CloudGavel can be used?

Yes.  Think of CloudGavel as a process of getting secure documents signed electronically and tracked through the different stages of approval.  The same process that we deliver for warrants can be used for any documents.

What is the advantage over telephone warrants and other technical means such as radio, fax, email, video conference or text message?

CloudGavel goes way beyond the capabilities of the listed technologies.  For the most part, CloudGavel has incorporated most of these existing technologies into its overall solution.  GloudGavel also delivers real time process tracking, record keeping, document sharing, and user management.

How secure is the system? Any known breaches of security?

The current system is hosted by Amazon (AWS) with the same security levels used by Federal Agencies such as the FBI and CIA.  To this point, there has never been a breach of security.

Are there any special maintenance requirements?

For clients that choose the hosted method on our AWS servers, there are almost no maintenance requirements.  AWS provides fantastic support for their environment from a hardware perspective.  The majority of our maintenance is in regards to the software itself.  We are very active with pushing new updates and features to the software on a monthly basis.