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We Are CloudGavel

CloudGavel is a company with expertise and knowledge of the law enforcement domain and provide services that streamline or automate processes.

Our Story

CloudGavel is an information technology solutions company dedicated to serving the law enforcement, state, and local government marketplace.  By leveraging our intellectual assets, business knowledge, and quality processes, we are committed to providing value through innovative solutions for our clients.  We strive to become the provider of choice for our clients and best workplace for our people.  We help organizations prepare for the future by improving business processes and designing effective information technology systems, which are key to improving service delivery to their citizens.

We Make You Better!

Our solutions focus on automating manual processes.  These manual processes not only lead to massive amounts of wasted man hours, but they also lend themselves to careless mistakes. CloudGavel encompasses technological precautions that eliminates the guess work by creating step-by-step protocols for users to follow.