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What is Business Inteligence?

Managed IT Services is when you outsource your business’s Information Technology (IT) to a trusted IT company which in turn provides your employees unlimited IT support while proactively and strategically managing your IT infrastructure – all at a fixed price.

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Business Intelligence services include

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    Data Modeling & Statistical Analysis

    FusionStak will conduct a full system assessment to determine the readiness of your IT environment.  This will allow us to provide accurate cost and time projections for your cloud migration.

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    Data Warehouse 

    FusionStak provides our clients with a detailed plan on how the migration to the cloud will take place.  This allows our clients to be fully prepared and take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth migration.

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    Big Data Managementent

    FusionStak provides continuous assessments on your cloud systems to ensure that they are equipped with the latest security defenses for any threats that may arise.

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    Data Exchange And Interfaces

    FusionStak provides our clients with cost analysis so they get a clear understand as to the cost savings associated with cloud computing.

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    Data Backup And Recovery

    We understand the challenges of supporting solutions you don’t fully understand.  This is why the FusionStak team invests countless hours in educating our clients on the value of cloud computing.

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    Visualization Tools

    By partnering with AWS and Azure, FusionStak is capable of delivering the very best in cloud computing to our clients.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Valuable Insight To Business

    You will be able to dig deep inside your data to see details that are normally unrecognizable.  This provides you with the insight needed to make informed decisions.

  • Visualization of Data

    Build customized dashboards that present clear visuals of what’s going on in your organization.  This takes all of the guesswork out of planning.

  • Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

    Dive deep into your data to start identifying common patterns which will then allow you to start predicting repetitive occurrences.

  • Performance Management

    Using business intelligence capabilities allow you to strategically manage the productivity of your entire organization.

  • Competitive Edge

    Being able to make real-time adjustments based on solid data evidence gives you a firm advantage over your competitors.

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