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What Is CloudGavel?

CloudGavel is a US based Information Technology business that seeks to provide warrant processing, document processing, data analytics, and custom developed solutions to the Law Enforcement and Judicial Communities.

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    CloudGavel simplifies and expedites the warrant approval and issuance process by allowing public safety officers to use any device with secure internet access to log on to our web application and generate a warrant. After the electronic warrant is automatically populated, it is then electronically sent to a judge for review and approval.

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    Our solutions focus on automating manual processes.  These manual processes not only lead to massive amounts of wasted man hours, but they also lend themselves to careless mistakes. CloudGavel encompasses technological precautions that eliminate the guesswork by creating step-by-step protocols for users to follow.

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    CloudGavel enables law enforcement officers to act quickly and to ensure the safety of those officers as well as the general public. Law enforcement officers are able to take action as soon as they have probable cause, thereby reducing the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee. An electronic warrant can be created by an officer while in his/her squad car and sent electronically to a judge. If required, a secure video conferencing link between the officer and judge can be utilized. A judge is able to review the warrant and respond from anywhere, eliminating the need to physically be in an office. Once the warrant is approved and issued, the officers can print it from a portable printer in his/her vehicle.

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    CloudGavel saves countless hours, and even days, of lost time over the course of a year. By maximizing the efficient deployment of police resources, agencies reduce unplanned overtime used to process warrants and file paperwork. The total cost of CloudGavel’s electronic warrant platform can quickly be recouped by the savings generated over the current manual process. CloudGavel allows officer work hours to be used for the apprehension and conviction of criminals by reducing the time it currently takes to process paperwork.

CloudGavel has decreased the time we spend on getting warrants signed and approved. We can now spend more time keeping our communities and citizens safe.
Ben Horwitz - New Orleans Police Dept.

Electronic Warrant Automation Benefits

Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Allows officers to respond as a situation develops.
  • Seize evidence before it can be lost or destroyed.
  • Arrest suspects before they flee.
  • Advance officer’s physical and legal protections.
  • Reduces or eliminates travel time to have warrants approved.
  • Allows officers to be in the community instead of being behind a desk.
  • Reduces errors in paperwork and procedure.

Prosecutor / Legal Benefits

  • Streamlines the legal review and approval process.
  • Review warrants from any internet connected device.
  • Reduce paper copies and waste.
  • Eliminate travel and wait time for review.
  • Audit trails ensure proper procedures have been followed during application and approval.


Judicial System Benefits

  • Judicial review can be conducted from anywhere at any time on an internet connected device.
  • Fast and accurate warrant submissions.
  • Automated filing and archived warrant search feature.
  • Complete warrant history and an audit trail is available to ensure proper procedures are followed.

General Public Benefits

  • Protects constitutional rights by ensuring proper procedures are followed and the present of proper judicial oversight.
  • Helps decrease crime by putting officers on the street instead of behind a desk.
  • Efficient use of taxpayer funds during times of lower tax revenues and budget restrictions.