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Electronic Warrant Solution

Bringing Speed and Efficiency to the Warrant Issuance Process


High Performance

Redundant servers in one of the worlds top hosting environments delivers maximum performance capabilities.

Enhanced Security

Hosted in CJIS certified environment with the highest security protocols.

Centralized Data

All of your data in one central location allows for quick retrieval and integration.

Great Support

World class support team ready to service our clients every need.

Proven Fact!

When compared to current methods, the CloudGavel process can reduce typical warrant turnaround time by 90%.  It not only improves efficiency and overall success rate, but it also saves on time, resources, and money.

Everyone Benefits
Law Enforcement
  • Empowers officers to act quickly as a situation develops.
  • Allows officers to focus on crime fighting by reducing administrative tasks.
  • Real-time statewide notification to agencies.
  • Reduces procedural errors.
Judicial System
  • Judges can conveniently review and approve 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Fast and accurate transfer of information.
  • Clerical efficiency with automated filing.
  • Complete records with history and audit trail.
General Public
  • Protects constitutional rights by ensuring proper procedures are followed.
  • Helps decrease crime rate by reducing administrative duties typically performed by officers.
  • Efficient use of taxpayer funds by automating administrative tasks.
  • Reduces the chance of wrongful arrest.

Speed. Efficiency. Accuracy

Our secure electronic warrant technology enhances the productivity, timeliness, and effectiveness of the judicial system and law enforcement agencies.


CloudGavel simplifies and expedites the warrant approval and issuance process by allowing public safety officers to use any device with secure internet access to log on to our web application and generate a warrant.  After the electronic warrant is automatically populated, it is then electronically sent to a judge for review and approval.


CloudGavel enables law enforcement officers to act quickly and to ensure the safety of those officers as well as the general public.  Law enforcement officers are able to take action as soon as they have probable cause, thereby reducing the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee.  An electronic warrant can be created by an officer while in his/her squad car and sent electronically to a judge.  If required, a secure video conferencing link between the officer and judge can be utilized.  A judge is able to review the warrant and respond from anywhere, eliminating the need to physically be in an office.  Once the warrant is approved and issued, the officers can print it from a portable printer in his/her vehicle.


CloudGavel saves countless hours, and even days, of lost time over the course of a year.  By maximizing the efficient deployment of police resources, agencies reduce unplanned overtime used to process warrants and file paperwork.  The total cost of CloudGavel’s electronic warrant platform can quickly be recouped by the savings generated over the current manual process.  CloudGavel allows officer work hours to be used for the apprehension and conviction of criminals by reducing the time it currently takes to process paperwork.

Now You Know All About Us!

CloudGavel is a unique system and overshadows all other forms of electronic communication in its speed, security, and data storage.  It is also budget-friendly, and can be designed to meet your specific needs and budgetary requirements.