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Create Electronic Bulletins NOW!!

Keep Everyone Informed
CloudGavel is introducing it’s latest achievement with the release of electronic bulletins.  With the click of a button, law enforcement agencies can now send out detailed bulletins to all internal personnel.  Agencies will soon be able to send out bulletins to all registered law enforcement personnel throughout the State.  We will also allow for both media groups and the general public to be able to receive authorized bulletins.
Sort Through The Chaos
One of the issues facing law enforcement officers in the abundance of non-essential data.  Our officers are overwhelmed with information that isn’t pertinent to their cases so they have gotten in the habit of overlooking most of the alerts.  CloudGavel has addressed this issue by allowing bulletin authors to categorize each bulletin.  This will allow officers to subscribe to certain types of bulletins that will be relevant to their job functions.  This will ensure that the bulletins are being recognized by the officers for which the information will be most beneficial.
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